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MAMBA was started about 5 years ago, by the player frontschwein. After a few months, the clan had about 150 members. Then, one year later, the game CS-Portable (where MAMBA was started) got an update, and became a piece of shit more and more, that all MAMBAs out of frontschwein, generalfire, and blacksoul stopped playing. One day, frontschwein gave the lead to generalfire, and stopped playing to. The black day in MAMBAs history.


One more year was over, when generalfire started to regain the clan, by making ads etc... A few months later, we had about 1000 members.

A website was made, an App was built, and a Cloud was started, and MAMBA became bigger and bigger. Now, we finnaly are one of the biggest clans ever started in Germany, and one of the best CS Clans worldwide.


Our partners are:

The "ZERO" Clan (MC4, CSv1.6, CSS, CSP, GTA V)

The "★Redhunter★" Guild (WoW, OaC, FSWm)

The "Dealer" Guild (WoW, OaC, MC4, MC5, CSP)

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